Choosing Just Right Books

Choosing Just Right Books

Several parents have asked me for websites that contain leveled book lists.  Here are a couple that may help you when you are shopping for books for your child.

Please remember that the new Common Core Standards require a shift in the level of text complexity.  Your child should be reading grade level texts.  I know they love Wimpy Kids books, but that should NOT be a part of their 20 minutes of independent reading.  They may certainly read them for their own enjoyment above and beyond the 20 minutes I require each night.  They should be reading a variety of genres on a variety of topics!  

Fourth Grade Lexile Reading Levels are:    740 - 940
Fourth Grade Guided Reading Levels are:    Q - S



             Click here: Scholastic Book Wizard  (Be sure to check off the type of reading level you want.  You should be checking Guided Reading or Lexile Level.

The Goldilocks Test   


Too Easy Books           

    • I have read the book many times before.

    • I understand and can retell the story without much effort.

    • I know and understand almost every word.

    • I can read the book smoothly and fluently without much practice.

Too Hard Books          

   • There are five or more words on a page that I do not recognize.

   • I am confused about what is happening in the story.

   • When I read the words I sound choppy.

   • I need help when reading this book.

Just Right Books       

    • The book is new to me and the topic is interesting to me.

    • I understand what is happening in most of the story.

    • I can retell what I have read.

    • I recognize most of the words on the page, but sometimes I get stuck on a word.

    • I can read the book by myself but may need help if I hit a tough spot.