Students should be logging on to IReady Reading AND Math for at least 10                 minutes daily when not in school.  Assignments have been posted.



        All Math lessons for the week of March 16 - 20 have been assigned. 

       Go to the Pearson Realize/Envisions website to view and complete the lessons and assignments.



Click:     Fraction Notes for Lesson 8.3 and 8.4    Notes to print and glue, or copy into your math notebook (Finding equivalent fractions)



Click:   Go Math Lesson:  Finding the simplest form of a fraction   

          Make a list of the factors for both the numerator and the denominator.  Use the Greatest            Common Factor (GCF) and division to help find the simplest form of a fraction. 

Click:  Fraction notes for 8.4 Simplest Form






Click:  Lesson 8.5 Fraction Number Line to help find benchmarks

  Lesson 8.6 Comparing Fractions and Bottoms Up

  Lesson 9.1

     Lesson 9.2 Renaming fractions and mixed numbers

                                                More Mixed Numbers

       Lesson 9.3 Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Click:   End of the Week Review Packet




Click:     2017 State Test ELA   

Write an extended response for Book 3 (pages 45 - 53 in the attached file)   

           We worked on this in class on Friday, March 13.  Final copy is due upon return to school.                                                           **For those of you who want to try to log in to Google Classroom, the assignment was created! If you were not in school on             Friday, send me a Dojo message and I will give you log in information.          

                 Click: Tips for Writing an Extended Response 

                 Click:  Steps for Writing an Excellent Essay or Extended Response

Click:   NYReady Lesson 13 Precise Words 1


Click:  2019 ELA Book 3