Supply List




1. A spiral notebook which will be used for ELA homework.  Please purchase one with perforated pages for easy tear out!  

2.  A yellow pad with lines (8 1/2" x 11") This will be used for first drafts of written work.
Please be sure your child comes to school with at least:


  • 3 sharpened pencils each day.  Also, glue sticks run out quickly, and need to be replaced often.  Ask your child if he or she needs a new one every few weeks.  
  • In addition to sharp pencils with erasers and glue sticks, students should always have:
  •  a scissor
  •  a cm/inch ruler
  •  a protractor
  •  a highlighter
  •  colored pencils
  •  colored pens (not black or blue!) for correcting their work. 


Thank you for supporting your child's academic success!
The initial fourth grade supply list can be found in the PS 32 Student Planner.